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New Brand of Eyeglasses Created through Collaboration with
Fukui Megane Industry Co., Ltd.

KYOCERA Releases New Eyeglass with Original Jewels, "Mika Ikenobo"

October 10, 2007
Fukui Megane Industry Co., Ltd.
Kyocera Corporation
Fukui Megane Industry Co., Ltd. (Head office: Fukui; President: Hiromi Noji; hereinafter "Fukui Megane Industry") announced the release of a new brand of eyeglasses, Mika Ikenobo, in December this year. The products are eyeglasses with frames adorned with recrystallized gemstones specially developed by Kyocera Corporation (Head office: Kyoto; President: Makoto Kawamura; hereinafter "Kyocera"). The brand has been created by Ms. Mika Ikenobo, an artist engaged in ikebana traditional flower arrangement.
Fukui Megane Industries has been using recrystallized gemstones made by Kyocera, known as Inamori Stones, to adorn the frames of its eyeglasses for about 20 years since 1988. The two companies have entered into a license agreement concerning the use of trademarks for the jewelry brand, "Mika Ikenobo", which was established in April this year. The products will be developed for the new eyeglasses with jewels under the new Mika Ikenobo brand. In addition to the eyeglasses, sunglasses and other products will also be developed for the brand.

Photo: Dress Up Series
"Dress Up" Series

Product outline
Brand name Mika Ikenobo
Date of release December 1, 2007
Item Eyeglasses
Types of jewels used Light pink sapphire, dark pink sapphire, orange sapphire and color-changing sapphire
Design variations Two design concepts x two models each x four colors of jewels: 16 types in total
Frame material Titanium
Retail price 50,400 yen (including consumption tax)
Sales channel Promoted mainly through optical shops nationwide
Target sales 200 million yen for the first year

"Mika Ikenobo", a new brand of eyeglasses
In April this year, the new jewelry brand, Mika Ikenobo, was created through the fusion of the harmonizing beauty of nature cultivated by the ikebana artist, Ms. Mika Ikenobo, through her ikebana art, and the beauty of recrystallized gemstones that Kyocera has created through its leading-edge technologies. It is a jewelry brand born through the empathy and resonance between the two, in the pursuit of true beauty, in Kyoto that is home to tradition alongside the latest trends. Mika Ikenobo is a brand for the mature woman who is modest to harmonize with nature, yet assertive enough to express their true identity, while remaining colorful figures.
The new eyeglass brand has been created by the advanced technologies of Fukui Megane Industry and the recrystallized gemstones of Kyocera, with Ms. Mika Ikenobo acting as the creative producer. The brand will make its debut under the name Mika Ikenobo.

Product features
Women currently take on an active role in society, and they are becoming increasingly independent, both financially and psychologically. Women have established their own paths in life and lifestyles. They enjoy life and have sought added value in their possessions. The products for the new brand of eyeglasses have been developed targeting these assertive, radiant, mature women. The overall main design concept for the product is jewel-adorned eyeglass frames for mature women who lead a desirable an independent life.

1. Two design concepts focusing on the situations in which women assume active roles

Working Hours

Frames suitable for working women that can be worn at any time

*Two models and four types of jewels for each are available
*Carats: 0.20 ct; Price: 50,400 yen

C1: White gold/light pink sapphire
C2: White gold/orange sapphire
C3: Pink/dark pink sapphire
C4: Gray/color-changing sapphire
photo : White gold/orange sapphire
White gold/orange sapphire

Dress Up

Frames that enhance the charms of women even more with class and elegance

* Two models and four types of jewels for each are available
*Carats: 0.16 ct; Price: 50,400 yen

C1: White gold/light pink sapphire
C2: White gold/orange sapphire
C3: Pink/dark pink sapphire
C4: Platinum/variable-color sapphire
photo : Platinum/color-changing sapphire
Platinum/color-changing sapphire

2. The use of recrystallized gemstones of superb beauty
Kyocera has cultivated recrystallized gemstones that have the same chemical composition as genuine ones. The company has achieved transparency and beautiful hues unique to jewels. They also enable the size and hue to be made identical between the two sides, which one of the major difficulties with genuine stones. Moreover, these eyeglasses can be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner.

Outline of Fukui Megane Industry Co., Ltd. (reference)
Fukui Megane Industry manufactures a full range of eyeglass frames and has been operating in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, since 1966. The company's location is home to the manufacture of the best eyeglasses in the world. As a manufacturer specializing in high-grade eyeglass frames, the company's major products are frames of titanium and 18-karat gold. It handles everything related eye wares from component processing to completed products and after services.