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Collaboration between Kyocera and Mika Ikenobo

Announcing the release of a new jewelry brand, "Mika Ikenobo"

Jewelry for Adult Women Having an Elegant Lifestyle

March 15, 2007
(This document was translated from the Japanese press release.)

Kyocera Corporation (President: Makoto Kawamura) today announced the establishment of Mika Ikenobo, a new jewelry brand first produced by Ms. Mika Ikenobo, using the company's recrystallized gemstones, as part of its jewelry business. The products will be released in April and sold through five Crescent Vert company stores and Kyocera exhibitions held around Japan.

The value of jewelry has changed over time. It has transformed from something owned to something worn, and now today, it is a means of expressing oneself.
Today, more women work and have an active role in society and are independent both financially and intellectually. They chart their own course in life and create their own lifestyle. They enjoy life and seek value in what they have. The new brand, Mika Ikenobo, is ideal for the adult woman, who is assertive, beautiful and brilliant. This brand communicates the pleasure of expressing one's individuality through jewelry.

Main Products
Main Products
Brand Logo
Brand Logo

Outline of the products


April 1, 2007


Rings, pendants, necklaces and pierced earrings

Type of stone

All types of Inamori stones and diamond

Price range

60,000 to 600,000 yen (including tax)

Sales channel

Five company stores of Crescent Vert and jewelry exhibitions around Japan held by Kyocera

Sales target

200,000,000 yen in the first year

Achieving Collaboration between Two Parties Having Links with Kyoto
Ms. Mika Ikenobo was born in Kyoto as the second daughter of Senei Ikenobo, the 45th grand master of the art of flower arrangement. She devotes herself to her activities in promoting flower arrangement inside and outside Japan. She has communicated to many people the presence and beauty of flowers, whose life is short, through the traditional art of flower arrangement. It is the beauty of nature that presents itself unadorned, without being flamboyant or gorgeous. It is the expression of "genuine beauty"that has been cultivated in Kyoto for many years.
Then about thirty years ago, Kyocera successfully recrystallized the gemstones that were formed in the earth over a period spanning several tens of thousands of years through the crystallization of leading technologies. The company was motivated by a desire to provide people with a dream and enhance their spirits. The company used the technology to create the recrystallized gems, Inamori Stone. High-quality gemstones are now becoming scarce because the resources are becoming depleted. The company will pursue genuine beauty while reproducing the natural brilliance and color of the gemstones.
The beauty of harmony with nature created through tradition and the beauty of recrystallized gemstone created through state-of-the-art technology – two parties that have sought genuine beauty have worked in unison, resonating with each other to achieve a collaboration in Kyoto. Mika Ikenobo is a new brand of jewelry that embraces a harmony between modesty and nature between existence and beauty as a means of expression, create a sense of genuine beauty for the adult woman.

Characteristics of the New Brand
The brand is an essential jewelry concept for adult women having an elegant lifestyle, and is designed around the following three scenarios.The scenarios are shown using Kyocera's recrystallized jewels.


1. At Work

Theme:Active and intellectual

A working woman looks more charming when she wears jewelry that can be worn at any time without hindering her movements.

Items: pendants and rings

Price: 60,000 yen to 300,000 yen (including tax)

Photo:Working Hours
Working Hours

2. On the Weekend

Theme: Relaxed and comfortable

Wear jewelry on a holiday to rejuvenate yourself. The soft glow releases everyday stress.

Items: Pendants and rings

Price: 170,000 yen to 250,000 yen (including tax)


3. Dressing-up

Theme: Refined and elegant

The grace and elegance of the jewelry makes a woman more mature and dignified.

Items: necklaces, rings and pierced earrings

Prices: 300,000 yen to 600,000 yen (including tax)