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A Model Equipped with User-Friendliness and with a Real Metal Face for a High Quality Feel

January 22, 2007
(This document was translated from the Japanese press release.)

Kyocera Corporation (President: Makoto Kawamura) announced that it has developed WX320K, a model for user-friendliness and with a real metal face that combines the cool texture of metal with a high quality feel, as a PHS handset for WILLCOM Inc. The handset is scheduled to be released at WILLCOM shops from mid-February.

WX320K :  Silver (S), Red (R), Black (K)
WX320K : Silver (S), Red (R), Black (K)


Release date Scheduled for mid-February, 2007
Price Set by the retailer
Color of main body Silver (S), Red (R), Black (K)
Sales company WILLCOM Inc.
Standard equipment Main body, AC adapter (AD320K), desktop holder (CH320K), lithium-ion battery (LD320K), USB cable, utility software CD-ROM, easy manual, instruction manual and warranty

WX320K uses a simple and refined design that highlights its cool aluminum paneled texture. The handset comes equipped with the Opera browser, and, with its small and light body and clear sound that PHS is proudly offering, was developed for users who primarily use calls and e-mails with WILLCOM's flat-rate voice plan. To support comfortable communication services, WX320K supports the advanced W-OAM PHS communication standard. This allows for stable calling, and makes the Opera browser even more convenient and easier to use due to accelerated data communication speed. WX320K also supports an RSS reader to automatically gather and allow aggregate checking of new information from news sites and blogs.

[Main features of WX320K]
1. Design with a high quality feel
WX320K realizes a design with the cool texture of metal and a high quality feel by using aluminum for the rear panel. With its slim and simple form, WX320K is stylish to carry with and can be comfortably used by people of any age who primarily use calls and e-mails with WILLCOM's flat-rate voice plan. Three color variations are available: Silver (S), with a cool and intellectual glint, passionate Red (R) that maximizes the alumite shine, and a fine Black (K) with an adult composure.

2. Equipped with advanced Opera browser for more comfortable and convenient use
As with previous models, WX320K comes equipped with the Opera browser for viewing PC websites. Thanks to high-speed data communication with the 4x packet system, even sites with a high volume of information can be accessed comfortably and stress-free. WX320K also supports an RSS reader, to automatically gather and allow aggregate checking of new information from news sites and blogs.

3. Support for W-OAM
WX320K supports W-OAM, which achieves higher-speed and more comfortable communication in response to signal conditions. In areas where W-OAM is supported, data communication speeds of up to approximately 1.6 times greater than conventional one will be achieved. Even in areas such as indoors or between tall buildings where signal has difficulty in reaching, because signal reach is improved, call stability can be improved.

4. Support for JavaMIDP2.0
Support for Java allows for the enjoyment of a wide variety of content, such as games. WX320K comes pre-installed with Taito Corporation's game, "Arkanoid", the popular block breaking game.

5. Equipped with a 1.3 mega pixel mobile camera
WX320K comes equipped with a high image quality, 1.3 mega pixel camera. The camera can take beautiful still image photographs at up to SXGA size. The camera is also equipped with functions such as close up mode and digital zoom.

6. Convenient e-mail functions and large e-mail capacity
The e-mail client supports POP3 and SMTP, and can be used with both home and company e-mail addresses. Additionally, e-mails of up to 20,000 double-byte characters can be sent and received. The e-mail storage capacity has been greatly increased to approximately 4MB*
*Maximum 1,000 e-mails received and sent can be stored.

Dimensions (mm) W x H x D Approx. 49 x 98 x 21 (when folded, not including protrusions)
Weight Approx.105g
Continuous call duration Approx. 5 hours*1
Continuous standby time Approx. 450 hours*1
Charge time Approx. 5 hours (using the charger)
Main display 2.2 inch, 260,000 color, transmissive, wide viewing angle TFT LCD
240 x 320 dots (QVGA)
Sub display Monochrome LCD
74 x 14 dots
Data communications systems 4x Packet system, 2x Packet system, 1x Packet system, Flex Change system, 64kPIAFS, 32kPIAFS
Camera (effective pixels) Approx. 1.3 mega pixel CMOS
Data folder capacity Approx. 16MB (email is stored in a separate area)
E-mail storage capacity Approx. 4MB
USB port mini B type
Supported operating systems*2 Windows XP/2000/Me/98SE, Mac OS X
(only on models with the Japanese version pre-installed)*3
International roaming (Taiwan/Thailand/Vietnam) Can be supported*4

*1 This is a rough estimate for when the signal can be received normally.
*2 Kyocera PHS Utility Software is compatible with only Windows OS.
*3 Please visit our website for the most recent OS.
*4 Separate application to WILLCOM is required.

*Opera is a trademark or registered trademark of Opera Software ASA.
*Windows is a trademark or registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the US and other countries.
*Other listed company names, system names, and product names are in general trademarks or registered trademarks of each manufacturer. The R mark and TM mark are not used in this document.
*Specification and exterior are subject to change without notice.