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KYOCERA Announces the Release of W51K, A Slim One-Seg Mobile Phone

January 16, 2007
(This document was translated from the Japanese press release.)

Kyocera Corporation (President: Makoto Kawamura) announced that it is to commercialize W51K, as a new model for au. The product is adding to au's new models released today.

W51K is a slim one-seg mobile phone that allows the user to enjoy the one segment broadcasting programs with its 2.7-inch large-screen W-QVGA liquid crystal display and powerful, high-quality sound. A front media key, located on the front of the handset, is for smart-and-easy operation of media functions such as one-seg and LISMO. Additionally, the terminal can use the woofer-equipped desktop charger popular from W41K and W43K, which now also supports powerful and high quality sound of one-seg programs and LISMO video clips.The model is available in three colors: Mirror Orange, Cyano-Blue and Metal Silver. The surface of the terminal has undergone high-intensity color deposition processing to achieve a metallic texture, giving it a premium accent.

W51K : Mirror Orange
Color Variation: Mirror Orange, Cyano-Blue, Metal Silver
Three Colors
W51K : Mirror Orange
Color Variation: Mirror Orange, Cyano-Blue, Metal Silver

Model W51K
Price Set by the retailer
Color of main body 3 colors : Mirror Orange, Cyano-Blue, Metal Silver
Sales companies KDDI Corporation, Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company

W51K debut campaign begins January 16
Customers who purchase W51K and correctly answer a quiz will receive a gift of a 1GB microSDTM memory card. For details, please see the special W51K site (Japanese language only),

Main Features of W51K
1. Support for one-seg mobile digital broadcasting, only 20mm thick
W51K supports one-seg mobile terrestrial digital broadcasting. Its body thick is 20mm, and excels in portability. The model uses a large-screen 2.7-inch W-QVGA liquid crystal display, and can be used as your personal TV whether you are at home or out of the house. The model achieves up to approximately 4 hours and 20 minutes of continuous viewing time*1. Additionally, up to 10 hours*2 worth of programming can be recorded on a microSDTM memory card.
With DBEXTM and BBE®M3 off. *2 when a 2GB microSDTM card is used.

2. Equipped with user-friendly front media key
As an original Kyocera function, a front media key is positioned on the front of the W51K terminal in pursuit of user friendliness in order to smoothly operate media functions such as one-seg and LISMO. This feature makes it possible to perform easy operations such as changing one-seg channels and displaying subtitles with the key, even when the unit is closed with the LCD to the front. And when the unit is closed with the LCD to the rear, W51K can be used smartly as, for example, a music player and an EZ news flash browser.

3. Equipped with DBEXTM and BBE®M3 to enjoy one-seg and LISMO with high-quality audio
W51K is also equipped with DBEXTM and BBE®M3 for high-quality sound reproduction. The handset achieves natural and listenable high-quality sound with DBEXTM, and realistic high sound quality with mobile-phone-optimized BBE®M3 audio quality improvement technology developed by BBE Sound, Inc. W51K newly supports one-seg in addition to LISMO, making it possible to enjoy both TV and music with high quality sound.

4. Woofer-equipped desktop charger that supports one-seg
With the earlier released W41K and W43K, Kyocera offered high-quality audio through a woofer-equipped desktop charger. W51K uses a horizontal type charger which can also be used as a one-seg TV stand, and achieved realistic TV and music sound. The charger also enables users to enjoy high-quality audio for LISMO video clips.

5. Support for EZ FeliCa
W51K supports Osaifu-keitai EZ FeliCa. As memory capacity has been increased, users can enjoy enriched services.

6. Convenient graphic stand function when charging
When the unit is set in the desktop charger with the screen to the front in the turn close state, the Flash® data standby display will run, and a clock, calendar, news flashes, or photos will be displayed.

7. Stylish design
By applying high-intensity color deposition processing to the surface of the main body, W51K presents a feeling of activeness like a music player, and presence as a fashion item. Muted colors are used for the interior to allow functions such as one-seg to be used comfortably, and the design is also focused on operability. There are three colors available. Through the combination of bright glossy orange and dark gray, Mirror Orange expresses an active and streetwise sense of playfulness and strength. Cyano-Blue is two-tone with a deep blue and black, a cool color with a sense of speed as if racing through a city. Metal Silver is a mat silver, finished with a high intensity to reproduce the radiance of pure metal, and red accents are used for the key side, expressing a sense of stylishness.

8. Support for LISMO Video Clip to enjoy artist video and music
W51K supports the au LISMO Video Clip data download service. By switching the screen, video clips can also be enjoyed in full-screen.

Other Functions
<Compatible with PC Website Viewer>
Using high-speed packet communication, PC Web sites can also be comfortably browsed on the W51K's wide screen. With the pointer function, website browsing is getting smooth like a PC.
<Infrared communication function>
Support for high-speed infrared communication with IrSimpleTM. Large volumes of photo data can be sent to, for example, another mobile phone user or printer at high speed.
<Task switching function>
Simple function switching is possible such as checking e-mail when viewing one-seg or sending e-mail when browsing with EZ web.
<Easy-to-use "Peta memo®">
<"Nagamochi mode" allowing for longer use of the mobile>
<Emotion Mail with three types of selectable icons>
<Equipped with a 2.01 mega pixel camera with auto-focus function>
With the front media key, W51K can also be operated as a digital camera when taking landscape photographs in the turn close state with the liquid crystal display to the front.
<Colorful LED display>
The WIN logo is colorfully illuminated with preset colors to notify of incoming calls and email.

Support for various au services
-EZ News Flash
Users can check the latest news and weather information with the W51K's wide organic EL sub-display when the unit is closed.
-EZ Channel Plus
-EZ Keitai Arrange
-Decoration Mail
-au My Page
-E-shaberi (Picture Talk) Mail
-EZ Navi Walk

Dimensions (mm) WxHxD Approx .50x103x20 (24mm at the thickest point)
Weight Approx.131g (including batteries)
Continuous call duration
Continuous standby time
Approx. 230 minutes
Approx. 270 hours
Camera 2.01 mega pixel camera with auto-focus
Data folder capacity Approx. 65MB (or 1,000 items)
(no data BREW exclusive area)
External memory microSDTM

* microSDTM is a trademark of SD Association. *This product uses patents USP5510752 and 5736897 of BBE Sound, Inc. of America. BBE and the BBE symbol are registered trademarks of BBE Sound, Inc. *DBEXTM is a trademark of DiMAGIC. *IrSimpleTM is a trademark of Infrared Data Association. *"FeliCa"is a contactless IC card technology system developed by Sony Corporation. *FeliCa is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation. *felica is a trademark of FeliCa Networks, Inc.*Osaifu-Keitai is a registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo, Inc.*BREW® and trademarks related to BREW® are trademarks or registered trademarks of Qualcomm. *Other trademarks in this news release are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective manufacturers.