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Financial Report for SEC

FY2018 (ending in Mar. 2018)
      Quarterly Reports
  Six Months ended Sep.30 (pdf/182KB) PDF
  Three Months ended Jun.30 (pdf/147KB) PDF
FY2017 (ended in Mar. 2017)
  Form 20-F (pdf/432KB) PDF
  Form 20-F (zip/436KB) XBRL
      Quarterly Reports
  Nine Months ended Dec.31 (pdf/198KB) PDF
  Six Months ended Sep.30 (pdf/332KB) PDF
  Three Months ended Jun.30 (pdf/300KB) PDF
FY2016 (ended in Mar. 2016)
  Form 20-F (pdf/444KB) PDF
  Form 20-F (zip/372KB) XBRL
      Quarterly Reports
  Nine Months ended Dec.31 (pdf/1,124KB) PDF
  Six Months ended Sep.30 (pdf/1,110KB) PDF
  Three Months ended Jun.30 (pdf/772KB) PDF
FY2015 (ended in Mar. 2015)
  Form 20-F (pdf/4,080KB) PDF
  Form 20-F (zip/433KB) XBRL
      Quarterly Reports
  Nine Months ended Dec.31 (pdf/226KB) PDF
  Six Months ended Sep.30 (pdf/315KB) PDF
  Three Months ended Jun.30 (pdf/233KB) PDF
FY2014 (ended in Mar. 2014)
  Form 20-F (pdf/420KB) PDF
  Form 20-F (zip/382KB) XBRL
      Quarterly Reports
  Nine Months ended Dec.31 (pdf/334KB) PDF
  Six Months ended Sep.30 (pdf/331KB) PDF
  Three Months ended Jun.30 (pdf/264KB) PDF
FY2013 (ended in Mar. 2013)
  Form 20-F (pdf/3,314KB) PDF
  Form 20-F (zip/385KB) XBRL
      Quarterly Reports
  Nine Months ended Dec.31 (pdf/314KB) PDF
  Six Months ended Sep.30 (pdf/300KB) PDF
  Three Months ended Jun.30 (pdf/247KB) PDF
FY2012 (ended in Mar. 2012)
  Form 20-F (pdf/465KB) PDF
  Form 20-F (zip/401KB) XBRL
      Quarterly Reports
  Nine Months ended Dec.31 (pdf/298KB) PDF
  Six Months ended Sep.30 (pdf/301KB) PDF
  Three Months ended Jun.30 (pdf/111KB) PDF
FY2011 (ended in Mar. 2011)
  Form 20-F (pdf/489KB) PDF
  Form 20-F/A (pdf/33KB) PDF
  Form 20-F/A (zip/379KB) XBRL
      Quarterly Reports
  Nine Months ended Dec.31 (pdf/127KB) PDF
  Six Months ended Sep.30 (pdf/123KB) PDF
  Three Months ended Jun.30 (pdf/111KB) PDF
FY2010 (ended in Mar. 2010)
  Form 20-F (pdf/524KB) PDF
  Form 20-F/A (pdf/38KB) PDF
  Form 20-F/A (zip/141KB) XBRL
      Quarterly Reports
  Nine Months ended Dec.31 (pdf/119KB) PDF
  Six Months ended Sep.30 (pdf/110KB) PDF
  Three Months ended Jun.30 (pdf/97KB) PDF
FY2009 (ended in Mar. 2009)
  Form 20-F (pdf/452KB) PDF
      Quarterly Reports
  Nine Months ended Dec.31 (pdf/198KB) PDF
  Six Months ended Sep.30 (pdf/188KB) PDF
  Three Months ended Jun.30 (pdf/222KB) PDF
FY2008 (ended in Mar. 2008)
  Form 20-F (pdf/437KB) PDF
FY2007 (ended in Mar. 2007)
  Form 20-F (pdf/1,118KB) PDF
  Form 20-F/A (pdf/458KB) PDF
FY2006 (ended in Mar. 2006)
  Form 20-F (pdf/1,256KB) PDF
FY2005 (ended in Mar. 2005)
  Form 20-F (pdf/1,150KB) PDF
FY2004 (ended in Mar. 2004)
  Form 20-F (pdf/1,103KB) PDF
FY2003 (ended in Mar. 2003)
  Form 20-F (pdf/449KB) PDF
FY2002 (ended in Mar. 2002)
  Form 20-F (pdf/389KB) PDF

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