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Vibration speakers create impressive sound anywhere, from any object

Kyocera has developed various acoustic devices that employ piezoelectric ceramics. One of these is a "vibration speaker" that can transform almost any object, such as a plate, into a speaker.

Kyocera vibration speakers are extremely compact and can be mounted on a smartphone or other mobile device to produce sound. Kyocera has acquired a large number of vibration speaker patents, mainly related to original technologies for mobile devices.

New products transform any object into a speaker

Compared to the speakers conventionally built into mobile devices, vibration speakers create a richer bass sound. Tables, walls, windows and more can be transformed into speakers, allowing users to carry high-quality sound into living rooms, bathrooms and almost anywhere they go. The excellent directivity of vibration speakers make them ideal for video conferencing systems and more.

Kyocera's technology transforms everyday objects into speakers that deliver impressive sound quality and enhanced mobility, the likes of which people have never experienced before. Kyocera licenses patents for vibration speakers on a broad basis in order to contribute to the creation of new products that satisfy consumer demands.


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