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Daily Scan easily visualizes your visceral fat

Metabolic syndrome, also known as visceral fat syndrome, is a medical condition in which fat has accumulated around internal organs or in the abdominal cavity leading to an increased risk of lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and hyperlipidemia.

Measure visceral fat with a smartphone

People are typically diagnosed with this syndrome when a CT scan indicates 100 cm2 of visceral fat. Such examinations can be troublesome because they require a hospital visit and may involve risks associated with exposure to radiation. But now there is a simple alternative to measuring visceral fat that was previously unavailable. Kyocera daily scan technology enables easy personal visualization of visceral fat. This unique technology was developed using sensor technologies nurtured in Kyocera's mobile phone business in Japan and abroad.

Kyocera's daily scan technology lets users estimate their visceral fat. A user can see an image representing their visceral fat just by moving their smartphone from one side of their stomach to the other as shown in the picture on the right. Operation is easy, and no special equipment is required to visualize one's metabolic syndrome risk on a daily basis. This may be a useful tool for preventing lifestyle diseases.

Various visualization applications for better health

This technology can also be used for other applications including the visualization of subcutaneous fat or muscle mass.


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