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Why Do We Need Philosophy in Management?
Seiwajyuku Hawaii Inauguration Ceremony (January 20, 2010)

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Philosophy and ideas governing internal aspects of a company depend on “what mountain is being climbed”― that is to say, what manner of company we hope to create. Focusing on high targets requires an appropriate way of thinking and methodology.

Just as people have personal character, a company should also be expected to have a corporate character. In my view, a philosophy is essential for corporate management, and for giving a company a corporate character.

People should be led through an appeal to their humanity, that is, human morality, to enable one to earn the confidence and respect of others.

We need to reflect constantly on our thoughts and actions, every day. Engage in day-by-day reflection, and continue to strive earnestly to apply your knowledge of what is right as a human being. Through such effort, refine the soul by even just a little, and raise yourself to a higher level. I believe this is the single most important aspect of implementing the philosophy.

Establish a sound philosophy in the corporation, share the philosophy with employees, and lead by personal example. Continue striving to enhance your own character. In this way, the corporation will inevitably attain higher development, and should gain the ability to sustain its prosperity far into the future.

Seiwajyuku Hawaii Inauguration Ceremony (January 20, 2010)

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