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Why Do We Need Philosophy in Management?
Seiwajyuku Hawaii Inauguration Ceremony (January 20, 2010)

Give the enterprise a corporate character

As the third element, the Kyocera Philosophy summarizes the way of thinking and methods necessary for giving the corporation a wonderful character. Just as people have human character, a company should have its own corporate character. To build a wonderful corporate character, the philosophy must show the right way to live as a human being.

As it is based on universal perspectives of morality and ethics concerning what is right as a human being, the content of the Kyocera Philosophy is functionally effective in global management, transcending national borders. Today, Kyocera is a global corporation with many production sites and sales bases all over the world. More than half of Kyocera's employees are non-Japanese. The company is expanding into regions with differing languages, ethnicities, histories and cultures. Therefore, when managing a business in such diverse locations, leading people becomes especially important. In leading people, there are two roads: the “Ba Dao (the 'Way of Might'),” which uses authority to keep people in line; and the “Wang Dao (the 'Way of Right'),” which involves leading people through benevolence and righteousness. From start to finish, I believe people should be managed using trust and respect that have been earned through humanity and human virtue.

How, then, do we attain the trust and respect of others? Through wonderful character. We wanted all employees, both in Japan and overseas, to feel, “Employees of a company with a wonderful corporate character supported by a noble philosophy are indeed worthy of trust and respect. We should listen to what our leaders have to say.” For this reason, there is a need for a high-minded, global and universal philosophy, one that gives a wonderful corporate character to business enterprises and gives employees opportunities to develop their own wonderful personal character as well.

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