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What is the Purpose of Life? Ehime Civic Forum (August 6, 2014)

Contemplating virtue harmonizes with the “Will of the Universe,” which creates and enhances all things

However, thinking about it was one thing. I had graduated from a science and technology course at my university. As an engineer involved in researching and developing ceramics, I leaned toward logical, argumentative thinking. This made it very difficult for me to believe in the Law of Cause & Effect whole-heartedly. It was around that time when I heard an astrophysicist give a presentation on the theory of the creation of the universe.

Starting from a collection of particles, the universe has continued to grow without a moment's pause for 13.7 billion years, resulting in the creation and development of higher organisms such as humankind. Listening to that talk on the creation of the universe, I became a firm believer in the existence of the Law of Cause & Effect.

A love that has compassion for all things and gently nurtures them permeates everything. Rephrasing, I might go so far as to say there is a “ will of the universe” that loves all things in this universe, and tries to turn matters in a better direction. We human beings are living in a universe that continually points all things in nature in a better direction, and endeavors to advance happiness in life. If you or I embrace the same righteous direction as the universe, and act accordingly, then our destiny will almost certainly turn for the better.

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