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What Guides People and Enterprises Toward Growth and Development?
The 20th Seiwajyuku World Convention (July 19, 2012)

Main quotes

If you hope to run an outstanding business, as a manager you must first elevate your mind. I have expressed this as “Elevate your mind and expand your business,” and have continually expounded on what this means.

As a business operator, you must think about what is good and act for the good, to the extent that you become able to influence and change not only direct employees, but everyone involved with the company. In so doing, it will inevitably come around, returning to you in one form or another. This is a universal truth.

Management is a matter of “will.” You need a strong will that holds fast to a decision to reach any particular state or goal. Therefore, even if you prepare a Master Plan [an annual plan], or set monthly targets, you will have failed as a leader if you are unable to reach them.

A pure mind which considers other people is essential. However, with only these elements, the enterprise will be defeated and weeded out by market competition. On a larger scale, nations also can decline amid global competition. Times are changing dramatically, and the economic environment is shifting extremely quickly. Precisely because we are in the midst of such a chaotic environment, we must not allow ourselves to be carried away by circumstances. We need the strong spirit to pick ourselves up again, whatever the environment may throw at us. In short, we must have a “Combative Mentality.”

People who understand the need for a pure mind in business, and strive to attain that state as they work day by day, will never go down the wrong path in management or life, if they also have an intense and fiercely combative mentality. The pure mind becomes the compass, enabling them to proceed straight along the right path.

The 20th Seiwajyuku World Convention (July 19, 2012)

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