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What Guides People and Enterprises Toward Growth and Development?
The 20th Seiwajyuku World Convention (July 19, 2012)

“Divine Help” for a pure mind

Japan Airlines experienced a magnificent revival because the Kyocera Philosophy led to a transformation of awareness throughout the workforce, and the organization was rebuilt with Amoeba Management. Thinking more deeply about it, though, it seemed to me these were not the only reasons for success.

Based on a mindset of gratitude, I have endeavored to “Serve the greater good of society and humankind” in my personal life and business management. During the revival of Japan Airlines, too, I was never motivated by any personal reward. We simply did everything possible to move forward. I tend to feel that, on seeing the heroic attitude of everyone involved, God, the heavens or nature extended a helping hand. That is to say, the revival of Japan Airlines did not result from my actions. Rather, it seems to have resulted from a Divine intervention. Were it not so, such a miraculous recovery would surely not have been possible. Rather than human strength, there must have been support from some supreme source that can only be referred to as Something Great. I tend to think this gave us the impetus and guided us through the revival of Japan Airlines.

Instead of relying on your own powers alone, I invite you to do business and live your life as if you had the support of some grand existence that governs all things, and in a way that is attuned with the will of the universe. By engaging in business and living life with a beautiful, pure and righteous mind, Divine help, or Providence, will unfailingly be there for you.

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