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What Guides People and Enterprises Toward Growth and Development?
The 20th Seiwajyuku World Convention (July 19, 2012)

Reforming awareness through the Philosophy

Thinking back, the first factor was the wonderful power of the Philosophy. I believed that reconstructing a company like Japan Airlines would require, first of all, a change of attitude throughout the work force. Reforming employee awareness and attitudes was imperative. Using the Kyocera Philosophy, a philosophy I had drawn out of business experience over more than half a century, I preached earnestly to JAL's executives, appealing to them to change their thinking and see things in terms of an ideal vision. Leaders must have the kind of outstanding human character that elicits respect from others. The only way to achieve this is by working continually, day after day, to elevate one's mind. I took JAL employees through intensive study of these concepts, even as far as to propose an ideal way to live as a human being.

We also implemented an education effort throughout the general work force. Without a change of awareness among employees who had immediate contact with customers at the front lines of the workplace, the airline would never improve. I therefore visited the workplace locations and spoke directly with employees.

Through efforts like these, after being appointed chairman of Japan Airlines, I worked to reform the awareness of all employees, starting with executives, and endeavored to rebuild the company's organizational culture. The subsequent transformation of awareness was accompanied by a dramatic recovery in business performance.

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