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SEIWAJYUKU Journal is the periodical magazine of Seiwajyuku, an organization with about 10,000 business owners and managers around the world who study the management and life philosophy of Inamori.

Almost all back-issues of SEIWAJYUKU Journal feature Inamori's lectures addressed to his students in the Seiwajyuku's study sessions. Among them are his teachings on management philosophy, such as "Why do we need philosophy in management?" (Vol.1) and "The Twelve Management Principles" (Vol.2). Some volumes cover the Kyocera Accounting Principles (Vols.4-12) or his unique accounting method, Amoeba Management. Other volumes feature his lectures in Civic Forum, including the enlightenment of his life philosophy, "Why Are We Alive? -- Life as a Dojo for Refining One's Soul" (Vol.14).

SEIWAJYUKU Journal runs exclusive reports in every issue, along with practice reports of the Inamori Philosophy presented by Seiwajyuku members in Japan, Brazil, China and the United States. Lastly, the documentary series on how JAL regenerated (Vols.6-11) is invaluable not only for business managers and owners but also for anyone who is interested in the unprecedented recovery of Japan's national flagship air carrier.

*Seiwajyuku ceased operations as of December 2019. As such, the SEIWAJYUKU Journal is no longer available.

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