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2000: The Birth of Kyocera Mita Corporation
Good Deeds are Rewarded

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The photocopier manufacturer Mita Industrial Co., Ltd. filed for bankruptcy protection in August 1998. Its debt exceeded 200 billion yen ($1.65 billion), making it the biggest post-WII bankruptcy in the Japanese manufacturing industry.

Faced with serious financial problems, Yoshihiro Mita, the president of Mita Industrial Corp., asked Inamori to help his employees. Inamori and Kyocera's top managers were moved by President Mita's deep concern for his employees and, after conducting a thorough review, decided to step in and help with Mita's reorganization effort.

Once Mita was under bankruptcy protection, Kyocera introduced its management control system, Amoeba Management, while firmly planting the Kyocera Philosophy in the organization.

Mita Industrial Co., Ltd. changed its name to Kyocera Mita Corporation in January 2000 after the reorganization strategies were implemented and started anew as a full subsidiary of Kyocera Corporation.

Former Mita Industrial employees renewed their commitment and exerted much effort toward rebuilding the company. As the result, Kyocera Mita was able to complete its reorganization plan in March 2002, seven years ahead of schedule.

Since then, Kyocera Mita has continued to prosper and has become a top-rated company. In 2012, it changed its name to Kyocera Document Solutions.

Kyocera's support of Mita's reorganization was based on the altruistic desire to help a company in need.

The saying "One who is kind to others is sure to be rewarded" also applies in business. Kyocera's altruistic attitude brought forth appreciation and strong motivation in Mita's employees to work harder toward rebuilding the company. Kyocera was, in turn, rewarded with their wonderful results.

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