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1969: Developing Multilayer Ceramic Packages
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The multilayer ceramic package was a revolutionary product, pivotal to Kyocera's success.

The 1960s — soon after Kyocera was founded — was a time when the electronics industry was taking off. Kyocera started to receive large orders for ceramic packages to protect IC chips. In meeting the strict requirements of its customers, Kyocera developed its technical capabilities and became known as a highly dependable company — so much so that it was able to secure an order for high density multilayer IC packages from Fairchild Semiconductor. The spec drawing for this product was large enough to cover a two-square-meter mat and it was beyond Kyocera's technical capabilities at the time.

There were other technical issues to overcome as well; however, because Kyocera tackled many difficult challenges with a "never give up" attitude, it was able to produce a prototype that greatly impressed the customer.

Thanks to the technologies developed as a result of this project, Kyocera received orders from semiconductor companies from every corner of the world and grew rapidly during this time. Kyocera also received the Okochi Memorial Grand Production Prize (Japan) in the field of Industrial Engineering for developing mass production technology for multilayered ceramic packages.

This success was due to Inamori taking the lead and Kyocera's engineers tenaciously working to overcome technical challenge after challenge by thinking up solutions day and night. The multilayer ceramic package was the result of their fighting spirit — of never turning away from difficult challenges or situations. They aimed high and made endless efforts toward achieving their goal, which no doubt resulted in business growth and success.

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