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Notable Moments

1959: Kyoto Ceramic Co., Ltd. Is Founded in Kyoto, Japan
Management Based on the Bonds of Human Minds

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After leaving his first job at Shofu Industries, Inamori was determined to establish a new company that centered on the fine ceramics technology he had developed. Fortunately, Inamori found a benefactor who admired his character as well as his technology. With his benefactor's financial support, a new company was established in April 1959 with 28 staff members.

Even though the company was founded with no capital or facilities, seven colleagues who had shared joys and sorrows with Inamori at Shofu joined him in his new venture. As this account of how the company was established demonstrates, Kyocera's philosophy naturally came to rest on the bonds of human minds.

Amidst the immense pressures of managing the company, Inamori began contemplating what criteria his management decisions should be based on. He realized that the human mind was the most important factor. Human minds can be fickle, but on the other hand, once a person believes and trusts in someone else, there is nothing stronger, more constant or more loyal than the human mind. Kyocera's beginnings were based on this bond of human minds.

Notable Moments
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