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At Kyocera, Everyone Is a Manager

Project Our Abilities Into the Future

We must set new targets above the level of our present abilities. Though the target may seem unattainable with our present abilities, we must focus on that point in the future, by which time we will be able to achieve the goal. This will force us to think of ways of elevating ourselves to meet higher targets and train ourselves to raise our abilities.

Anyone can say whether or not a target is attainable at their present level of ability. However, this will not lead us to undertake new ventures or attain higher goals.

It is only by challenging what we are not now capable of achieving that we can attain a higher goal.

About the Philosophy
To Lead a Wonderful Life
(1) Elevate Our Minds
(2) Work More Effectively
(3) Make Correct Decisions
(4) Accomplish a New Feat
(5) Conquer Obstacles
(6) Reflections on Life
The Heart of Management
At Kyocera, Everyone Is a Manager
Performing Daily Work