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(4) Accomplish a New Feat

Be a Pioneer

Kyocera's history is a story of doing what no one else had dared to do, and of opening roads where no one had ventured before. Developing a new field is as difficult as sailing the open sea without a chart or a compass. We have nobody to depend on but ourselves.

Pioneering a new field is a horrendous task, but the joy of completing the challenge is indescribable. It is by cultivating unexplored territories that we can develop wonderful businesses.

No matter how large our company may become, we must remain visionary, passionate pioneers.

About the Philosophy
To Lead a Wonderful Life
(1) Elevate Our Minds
(2) Work More Effectively
(3) Make Correct Decisions
(4) Accomplish a New Feat
(5) Conquer Obstacles
(6) Reflections on Life
The Heart of Management
At Kyocera, Everyone Is a Manager
Performing Daily Work