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The Right Way to Live as a Human Being

The Right Way to Live as a Human Being People may laugh when I espouse the sort of lessons we learned in grade-school ethics. Yet, isn't the reason we're seeing such degradation of societal values and moral decay a result of adults not being able to uphold and honor what we learned in grade school?

How many adults can speak confidently about morality to their children? Who is able to expound on ethics and model what should or should not be done? How many people have this kind of insight and spirit coupled with substance of character? How can we feel anything but ashamed when we look at what we have become?

Living and behaving in the right way should not be very difficult to do. What is needed now is to revisit the commonly known moral standards our parents taught us as children -- don't tell lies; be honest; don't deceive others; don't be greedy -- then reflect on the meaning of these simple guidelines and strictly abide by them.

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