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Live a Wonderful Life

Our Purpose in Life

Our Purpose in Life

Where do we find purpose in life? To this most fundamental question, I would like to simply respond that it lies in elevating our minds and refining our souls.

Every day, we earnestly strive to make today better than yesterday, and tomorrow better than today. I think that our purpose and value in life can be found in untiring effort, quiet dedication, and the humble pursuit of truth.

This life is the time we are given to elevate our minds and serves as the training ground where we can refine our souls. First and foremost, can't we say that the significance of human life or the value of a lifetime lies in elevating the mind and refining the soul?

As we live in this material world, and experience many joys and sorrows with waves of good and bad fortune, we must tirelessly continue doing our best in life until we take our last breath. This process itself serves as the sandpaper that aids in our refinement, so that we can elevate our humanity, cultivate our spirit and leave this world with a more developed soul. I think there is no other purpose in life than leaving this world having attained a higher state for our souls.

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