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The Result of Life or Work = Attitude x Effort x Ability

The Result of Life or Work = Attitude x Effort x Ability

This formula for life and work is composed of three elements: ability, effort, and attitude.

Ability results from intelligence, physical capability, health, and other factors that come from one's parents or from heaven. They are innate -- beyond the will or control of each individual.

Ability is multiplied with effort. Individual differences exist when talking about effort. There are some people who are apathetic and lack self-discipline, motivation and ambition. Others have a burning passion for life and work and continuously exert diligent effort in all things.

Attitude is the most important element in this formula. It can be a positive or negative multiplier: if one has a negative attitude, then the greater one's ability and the stronger one's effort, the more negative the product of this formula will be. But if one has a positive attitude, then the result of one's life and work will be a correspondingly higher positive number.

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