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About the Philosophy

How the Philosophy Was Created

While I was managing Kyocera, I encountered many difficulties. Although I often struggled, I was able to surmount all obstacles. The Kyocera Philosophy was born under these circumstances as I constantly debated with myself about my life and work.

The Kyocera Philosophy is a life philosophy that I acquired through practice. Its basis is "living in the right way as a human being." I have thus been encouraging our employees to follow this philosophy, as I believe it will make each employee happy while making our company prosperous.

About the Philosophy
To Lead a Wonderful Life
(1) Elevate Our Minds
(2) Work More Effectively
(3) Make Correct Decisions
(4) Accomplish a New Feat
(5) Conquer Obstacles
(6) Reflections on Life
The Heart of Management
At Kyocera, Everyone Is a Manager
Performing Daily Work