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About the Philosophy
How the Philosophy Was Created
Way of Thinking Promoted by the Philosophy
Four Important Factors of the Philosophy
To Lead a Wonderful Life
(1) Elevate Our Minds
(2) Work More Effectively
(3) Make Correct Decisions
(4) Accomplish a New Feat
(5) Conquer Obstacles
(6) Reflections on Life
The Heart of Management
Management Based on a Bond of Human Minds
Pursue Profit Fairly
Follow Truths and Principles
The "Customer-First" Principle
The Extended Family Principle
Follow the Merit System
Emphasize Partnership
Management by All
Align Mental Vectors
Value Creativity
Transparent Management
Aim High
At Kyocera, Everyone Is a Manager
Pricing Is Management
Maximize Revenues, Minimize Expenses (Count What Comes in, and Control What Goes Out)
Produce a P&L Daily
Only Hold Sound Assets
Project Our Abilities Into the Future
Make Targets Well-Known and Understood
Performing Daily Work
Raise Cost-Consciousness
Be Frugal
Buy Only What We Need, When We Need It
"Shop Floor" Management
Cherish Experience
Make "Sharp" Products
Listen to What the Product Says
Adhere to the Principle of One-to-One Correspondence
Always Double-Check
Grasp Matters Simply