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About the Inamori Philosophy

The Basis of the Inamori Philosophy
How the Inamori Philosophy Was Created

Live a Wonderful Life

The Result of Life or Work = Attitude x Effort x Ability
Your Life Is an Expression of Your Mind
Have Ambitious Dreams
Our Purpose in Life
The Right Way to Live as a Human Being
Serving the Greater Good of Humanity and the World
Live a Contrite Life
Live Each Day Earnestly
Is My Motive Virtuous or Selfish?
Live with a Pure Heart

Improve Your Work

Love Your Work
Accumulate Tedious Efforts
Always Be Creative in Your Work
Be the Center of the Vortex
Make Unselfish Decisions
"Shop Floor" Management
Do Our Best for Our Colleagues
Adhere to Perfection
Buy Only What We Need, When We Need It
Grasp Matters Simply

Essential Leadership Qualities

Do the Right Thing as a Human Being
Align Mental Vectors
Aim High
A Small Good Is Like A Great Evil
Make Decisions with an Altruistic Mind
Be Bold and Meticulous
Paying Voluntary Attention Sharpens Judgment

Elevate Your Mind and Expand Your Business

Always Remain Cheerful
Management Based on the Bonds of Human Minds
Maximize Revenues and Minimize Expenses
Pricing Is Management
Self-benefit and Altruism
Be Thankful
Have an Open Mind
Project Our Abilities into the Future
Always Be Humble
Choose a Loving, Sincere and Harmonious Heart as Our Basis

Accomplish New Goals

Your Thoughts Shape Reality
Maintain an Ardent Desire that Permeates Your Subconscious Mind
Pursue Unlimited Human Potential
Conceive Optimistically, Plan Pessimistically, and Execute Optimistically
Raise Our Fighting Spirit
When You Think It's Time to Give Up, That's When the Real Work Begins
Never Give Up Until We Succeed
Possess a Fighting Spirit
Carve Your Own Way
Think Through to Visualize the Results