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Latest News

Donation of Inamori Memorial Hall to Kagoshima University

On September 7, a ceremony was held at Kagoshima University to commemorate the donation of the Inamori Memorial Hall. Dr. Inamori presented a certificate to Yoshizane Maeda, the President of Kagoshima University, in recognition of the donation.

Inamori Memorial Hall is a facility donated by Dr. Inamori to his alma mater, Kagoshima University, with the hope of enhancing and developing educational research. The facility will serve as a place where students, staff and local citizens can gather daily for thoughtful communication, and it is expected to be completed in October next year. Part of the facility will touch upon Dr. Inamori's career path and philosophy, amongst other matters, with plans to establish areas for an Inamori Library and a Kyoto Prize Library inside the hall.

At the ceremony Dr. Inamori said " I was blessed with wonderful teachers at University who helped nurture my growth as a person. I worked hard based on the idea that at University there is nothing which cannot be achieved if we make a wholehearted and single-minded effort toward our goals. I hope that all those involved with the University will continue to educate and guide young students so they can become upstanding members of society."

Dr. Inamori presenting the certificate to President Maeda (left)