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Inamori Management Philosophy Annual Report Meeting Held in Shenzhen, China

On June 24 and 25, a meeting was held in Shenzhen, China for the Inamori Management Philosophy Annual Report. The meeting was organized and run by the Chinese branch of Seiwajyuku, and presented an opportunity to learn about the management philosophy of Dr. Kazuo Inamori. This meeting has been held every year in China since 2010.

The meeting attracted about 1,800 participants, consisting mainly of Chinese members of Seiwajyuku, but also including others from Japan and Singapore. During the meeting, presentations by 14 Seiwajyuku members on their own experiences in management were followed by a three-person panel discussion including Seiwajyuku members and a lecture by Mr. Cao Xiuyun, who serves as the Representative Director of Seiwajyuku China.

The proceedings included the viewing of a video message from Dr. Inamori, who is also Jyukucho (Principal) of Seiwajyuku, to the participants. In this message, Dr. Inamori said, "I hope the managers studying at Seiwajyuku will grow into excellent ones who master the philosophy and share it with their employees; make their employees happy by elevating their minds and expanding their business; and contribute to their customers, the local community, the nation of China, and, indeed, human society as a whole."

In China, the first Seiwajyuku school was established in Wuxi in July 2007. Today, 10 years later, there are a total of 30 schools, including in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities, where more than 3,500 members are studying Dr. Inamori's management philosophy.



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