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Seiwajyuku Holds Year-end Meeting with Dr. Inamori

On December 1, the Seiwajyuku management school led by Dr. Inamori as Jyukucho (Seiwajyuku Principal), held its western-Japan year-end regular meeting at the Hotel New Otani Osaka. The meeting was attended by 1,242 participants, mostly from western Japan, who filled the room with a sense of excitement.

Dr. Inamori gave a lecture titled "Self-innovation in Business: From the Perspective of New Product Development at Kyocera." The Jyukucho underscored the importance of uninterrupted self-innovation to the sustained growth of a corporation in today's management environment of tremendous technological advancement and competition.

Drawing upon his own research and development experience, he told the participants that the driving force for corporate innovation lies in the mental compass of the leader. To make the right decisions, Dr. Inamori emphasized, corporate leaders need to drive away selfish thoughts and take their minds to a higher, purer and more beautiful level.

The Seiwajyuku eastern-Japan year-end regular meeting was held on December 15.

On November 24, the Yamato Branch (Nara Prefecture) of Seiwajyuku was officially inaugurated. As a result, Seiwajyuku branches are now found in all but one of the 47 prefectures of Japan. As of November 30, 2016, 7,828 students were enrolled in 56 Seiwajyuku branches throughout Japan; and in total, Seiwajyuku includes 11,711 students in 97 branches worldwide.




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