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Kagoshima University Holds Fourth Inamori Academy Symposium

Kagoshima University held its Fourth Inamori Academy Symposium on September 30. Attended by roughly 250 graduate and undergraduate students, the Symposium addressed "The Inamori Philosophy: How It Affects Society," in two sessions.

In the first session, keynote lecturer Dr. Kazuo Inamori conveyed a personal message with an overview of the Symposium's subject matter. Inamori explained how anyone can succeed if they ardently cultivate a pure and beautiful vision of goal attainment in their hearts, and work toward it with all their strength. He encouraged the students in attendance to develop a strong vision, possess high aspirations, and work unrelentingly toward achieving their goals over the span of their lifetimes.

In the second session, the faculty of the Inamori Academy conducted a panel discussion. Koichiro Hioki from the Tottori University of Environmental Studies headed the panel, which also included Dr. Iwao Taka from Reitaku University; Dr. Atsushi Aoyama, Chief Director of the Ritsumeikan Inamori Philosophy Research Center; and Dr. Hiroshi Miya from Kobe University. The panelists passionately exchanged opinions on "The Inamori Philosophy: What to Research, and How to Educate" -- providing the students with vital insights toward a better understanding of the philosophy.


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