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Lecture at Oxford University (U.K.)

On May 9, Dr. Kazuo Inamori delivered a lecture titled "Reconstruction of Japan Airlines (JAL): Management Based on Philosophy" at Oxford University.

The lecture was held in the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford's official ceremonial hall. Nearly 400 university officials, students, business managers, and others gathered to enthusiastically listen to his lecture.

During the lecture, Inamori listed the following factors in JAL's rapid and successful reconstruction:

1. Establishing a new management rationale.
2. Changing JAL mentality based on his management philosophy.
3. Introducing a unique management control system.
4. Sharing a noble cause: "for the benefit of people and society."
5. Inamori's selfless attitude: working on JAL's reconstruction without salary.

He stated that by changing employee mentality and the corporate atmosphere, business performance improved drastically.

In addition, he used the example of egoistical executives receiving huge salaries in Western countries to raise the alarm over the current state of capitalism. He argued that executives should aim to pursue "the material and intellectual growth of all the employees" and that their true purpose is to maximize every employee's strengths and combine their powers for the benefit of all.

Inamori answering questions from the audience

Inamori answering questions from the audience

The audience listening to the lecture

The audience listening to the lecture

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