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Kyoto University and Inamori Foundation Sign Joint Memorandum for Kyoto Prize Symposium

Kyoto University and the Inamori Foundation will begin a joint Kyoto Prize Symposium to promote academics and develop the arts. Kyoto University President Hiroshi Matsumoto and Dr. Kazuo Inamori signed a memorandum to this effect on December 2, 2013. The symposium will be held annually at Kyoto University. The first symposium is planned for July 2014.

World-renowned researchers and artists from the Kyoto Prize categories of Basic Sciences, Advanced Technology, and Arts and Philosophy will be invited to the symposium. Through various opportunities for interaction, including lectures, the symposium will provide a venue for dialogue between those in different fields, allowing researchers to share appealing information of cutting-edge trends in the arts and sciences.

The subject of the symposium will be related to the fields in which the Kyoto Prizes will be awarded two years hence. Inamori stated, "In order to mark the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Kyoto Prizes, I hope this symposium will further enhance and develop the Kyoto Prizes and promote the arts and sciences."

Dr. Hiroshi Matsumoto and Inamori

Dr. Hiroshi Matsumoto and Inamori

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