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Lecture at the 8th Kyoto University Homecoming Day

On November 2, Dr. Kazuo Inamori gave a lecture during Kyoto University's 8th Homecoming Day. The event was hosted by the Kyoto University Alumni Association and the theme was "passion and conviction." Over 700 people attended Inamori's lecture, where he talked about the importance of passion and conviction in life.

At the opening of the lecture, Inamori stated, "If we strengthen our motives into beliefs and have a burning passion to achieve something, I think we can certainly achieve what we want in any field." Inamori discussed personal examples of establishing Kyocera and DDI Corporation and reorganizing JAL -- all of which he took on with great passion and belief. He ended his lecture by quoting Mr. Tenpu Nakamura: "The success of a new endeavor depends on our indomitable and tireless spirit; therefore, we must visualize our goals intently and earnestly, with a noble motivation at heart." He explained that the biggest factor in bringing projects or goals to success is turning pure and strong motives into beliefs and burning with a passion to achieve your goals.

Inamori giving his lecture

Inamori giving his lecture

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