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Kazuo Inamori Chengdu Management Philosophy Convention Held

On October 12 and 13, the Kazuo Inamori Chengdu Management Philosophy Convention was held in Chengdu, China with 1,550 people in attendance, including Seiwajyuku students from China and Japan.

At the convention, seven entrepreneurs from China and Japan gave presentations about how they practiced Dr. Kazuo Inamori's management philosophy. At the end of the convention, Inamori gave a lecture entitled "Essence of Corporate Governance -- Motivating Employees" and discussed how managers should motivate their employees.

The convention is held to contribute to the further development of Chinese enterprise by spreading Inamori's management philosophy throughout China. To date, five conventions have been held. Past Conventions and Lectures

Past conventions and lectures›

“Kazuo Inamori Beijing Management Consultants, Ltd.”(2010.6.11-12)
Title:“Why Do We Need Philosophy in Management?”

“2010 Inamori Kazuo Management Philosophy Tsingtao International Forum”(2010.10.30-31)
Title:“The Twelve Management Principles”

“2011 Kazuo Inamori Guangzhou Management Philosophy Convention”(2011.9.25)
Title:“Amoeba Management Generates Sustainable Growth for a Company”

“2011 Kazuo Inamori Dalian Management Philosophy Convention”(2011.10.22-23)
Title:“Kyocera Accounting Principles”

“2012 Kazuo Inamori Chongqing Management Philosophy Convention”(2012.6.3)
Title:“Qualities of a Leader”

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