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Kazuo Inamori Lectures at British Embassy

On April 18, Dr. Kazuo Inamori gave a lecture entitled "The Reconstruction of Japan Airlines." Approximately 90 people, including the British Ambassador to Japan and the British Consul General in Osaka attended the lecture.

In the beginning, Inamori said that a tremendous financial burden was placed on financial organizations and stockholders as a precondition to reconstructing Japan Airlines. He stated that several factors regarding reconstruction were changing employee mentality based on his management philosophy, installing the Amoeba Management System based on divisional profit centers, and implementing a system where employees could encourage innovation. Implementing these measures created a sense of unity and mission within the company. Inamori stated from his process of reconstructing Japan Airlines that a company's decline is defined by invisible factors like employee consciousness and company culture, much more than visible financial strength, technological capability, and management strategy.

Next, Inamori quoted Japan Airlines' new slogan, the words of Mr. Tenpu Nakamura: "The success of a new endeavor depends on our indomitable and tireless spirit; therefore, we must visualize our goals intently and earnestly, with a noble motivation at heart." He explained that we must all have an indomitable spirit to achieve new projects or targets, and accomplish the transformation of the company. In other words, we need to have an undefeatable spirit no matter what happens, constantly remind ourselves of the target, and strongly visualize a lofty ideal or noble vision in our hearts.

In the end, he stated that if all Japanese employees and Japanese leaders unite and exert sincere efforts with an indomitable spirit, they would grow their businesses significantly, help the Japanese economy recover, and eventually contribute to the stabilization and development of the global economy.

Inamori giving his lectrure

Inamori giving his lectrure

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