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Lecture at World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting was held in Davos, Switzerland on January 23 - 27, 2013. Political leaders and business executives gathered together from around the world to discuss the state of the world economy. Dr. Kazuo Inamori gave lectures on January 24 and 25, by the request of the chairman of the World Economic Forum.

On the morning of January 24 at the "Japan Special Dialogue," Inamori talked about founding Kyocera and KDDI, reconstructing JAL, and stated his theory of how leaders and businesses should be. After the lecture, Mr. Hirotaka Takeuchi, Professor of Harvard Business School, served as the moderator during a discussion between Inamori and attendees.

On the second day, January 25, during "An Insight, An Idea with Kazuo Inamori," Inamori gave a lecture called "Changing the Culture of Desire to the Culture of Altruism" to approximately 130 attendees. Inamori provided an overview of human history, pointing out that capitalism is powered by desire and is facing limitations. He stated that humans must know when they have received enough based on the altruistic mind.

Moreover, using the reconstruction of Japan Airlines as an example, Inamori explained that even in corporate settings, management based on altruism will lead the company to prosperity. Inamori ended his lecture by stating that if humankind can choose a way of living based on altruism, we can build a far more productive and spiritual civilization, rather than our desired-based material civilization. After the lecture, Ms. Yoko Ishikura, Honorary Professor at Hitotsubashi University, served as moderator during a lively discussion with attendees.

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