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The Twelve Management Principles

The Twelve Management Principles

12. Always Be Cheerful and Positive. Hold Great Dreams and Hopes in the Pureness of Your Heart

It is my belief that business managers and leaders must always be cheerful and positive no matter how adverse the circumstances they face. Business managers and leaders often face one difficult problem after another. The more challenging the circumstances, the more important it is to stay hopeful and optimistic in order to successfully cope with challenges and achieve positive results.

Leaders are called to display a tremendous fighting spirit and possess strong willpower and determination in order to face down adversity. This is why it is important for leaders to be cheerful and positive every day. Otherwise, they will not be able to endure the difficulties of business management over a long period of time.

While on the one hand, you must have the unyielding determination to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal; on the other hand, you must also believe that no matter what happens there is a bright future waiting for you, and thus live your life cheerfully and positively.

No matter what adversities you may be facing right now, look at your life in a positive light. That is the cardinal rule of life and the crux of living as a manager.

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