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The Twelve Management Principles

The Twelve Management Principles

10. Always Be Creative in Your Work

Innovate and improve continuously. Today should be better than yesterday; tomorrow, better than today.

No company begins at the top of the game. Endeavoring to do creative work and striving for continuous improvement by making today better than yesterday, and tomorrow better than today — these attitudes determine whether a business can be creative and innovative.

What you can accomplish in a day might be limited, but a full year's commitment to daily improvement can lead to significant change. This applies to everything, including sales, production and R&D. Great inventions and major discoveries result from continued effort in such tedious, mundane activities.

Regardless of your industry, if your company policy is to “Refrain from repeating the same action in the same way every day. Always be creative in your work,” and managers set the example, then within three to four years your company will surely be transformed into an innovative company developing formidable new products.

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