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The Twelve Management Principles

The Twelve Management Principles

9. Face Every Challenge with Courage

Do not behave like a coward.

Why do I say we need courage? It's because courage is required when making decisions.

Believing that I could not go wrong if I made decisions based on "the right thing to do as a human being," I have single-mindedly stuck to this principle when making business decisions.

Most business managers, however, when confronted with situations requiring a decision based on principles, find themselves faced with various limitations and often end up making errors in judgment.

Rather than basing decisions on principles and what is right for the business, some managers base decision-making on settling the matter as amicably as possible without causing discord. It's these times that call into question whether a manager possesses true courage.

If you make decisions based on principles, then even if others threaten you, slander you in public or you face other hardships, you will be able to endure it all knowing that you made the best decision for the good of the company. This is possible because you possess true courage.

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