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The Seven Keys to Motivating Employees

5. Clarify the Mission and Purpose of the Company

What strengthens this motivation further is having a mission, clarifying the mission and purpose of the company, and sharing it with employees.

What made me understand the importance of having a mission — that is, the purpose of the company — was the employee rebellion that occurred after three years in the business, at a time when Kyocera was still a small company. I think I've mentioned this incident before.

After much contemplation, I began to realize that the goal of business management is to protect the future of the employees. Therefore, I came up with Kyocera's management rationale, which begins with the phrase "To provide opportunities for the material and intellectual growth of all our employees."

It is not an ambitious mission, such as achieving world peace. But because everyone in the company could empathize with this mission — something beyond personal gain — I, as the leader of the company, was able to devote myself completely and without hesitation to pursuing this goal.

This is the basis for Kyocera's corporate culture today. Having a fair, honorable company objective that can be shared among all employees while increasing their motivation is extremely important in managing a business.

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