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The Seven Keys to Motivating Employees

4. Have a Grand Vision for the Company

In order to motivate employees further, the next thing I did was share my vision.

Ever since Kyocera was a small company, I kept talking about my dream.

"The world electronics industry will need the special ceramics that we are manufacturing. So, let's supply our products worldwide!"

"By supplying our products to the world, we can make my vision of being No.1 come true. Even though we started as a small workshop, I want to make Kyocera the No.1 company in Haramachi. Once we reach this goal, let's become No. 1 in Nakagyo ward, and then in Kyoto. After Kyoto, next we'll aim to be No.1 in Japan, and once we've achieved that let's become No.1 in the world."

A company's growth potential depends on whether the employees all share the same dreams and desires. If employees share the same wonderful vision and strong desire, they will generate strong willpower and overcome any obstacles to achieving that dream.

The driving force in achieving these dreams and desires is having a vision. You must create a vision of how you want your company to be and share that vision with employees so that they can raise their motivation to the highest level, which will, in turn, become a strong driving force in developing your company.

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