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The Seven Keys to Motivating Employees

3. Tell Employees About the Significance of Their Work

Of course, you need to do more than that. In the early days of Kyocera, I worked hard not only to appeal to employee's hearts, but also to motivate them intellectually.

I talked to them about the significance of our work. Especially for employees of small and mid-sized companies, such discussions are very motivating. This was true in the early days of Kyocera.

Producing fine ceramics is "3D" work: dangerous, dirty and difficult. When we hired new employees and they started working, they were soon covered with sweat and caked in dust. Consequently, they didn't think their work was very significant since it did not require much specialized skill.

However, if they could find meaning in the work they were doing, they would feel happier with a sense of excitement that would lead them to put forth their best effort. Thinking this, I gathered these employees every day and spoke about the significance of their work.

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