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The Seven Keys to Motivating Employees

2. Gain the Respect and Admiration of Employees

You must cultivate employees who have such respect and admiration for you as president that they will follow you anywhere. Your responsibility as a business owner is to grow the company based on this wonderful relationship so that you can, in turn, provide material and intellectual growth for your employees.

When your employees follow your lead, this signifies that they have full confidence in you as their leader and you have gained their respect and admiration.

How do you achieve this? It's very simple. No one will trust you if your priority is self-interest. You must consider your employees' interests your top priority over your own. Only then will your employees be able to put complete faith in you.

Making employees believe in you completely means — although it might not sound appropriate — winning them over and making them your partners. To achieve this, business owners must have the attitude of sacrificing self for others.

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