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The Six Endeavors

4. Appreciate Life

Appreciate Life

Humans cannot survive alone. We owe our existence to the air, water, food, family, colleagues, and all of society. We are supported by everything that surrounds us. If we think of life in this way, we will naturally be filled with gratitude for being alive.

With this sense of gratitude, we can ease our minds and feel peace. If you smile and say "thank you," to those around you — to your family, for example — they will smile back at you.

Thus, words of thanks not only ease your own mind, but also ease the minds and emotions of those around you and create a peaceful, happy atmosphere.

Conversely, those people who always feel they are not having their needs met and harbor feelings of discontent rather than gratitude not only create turmoil in their own minds, but also create an unhappy atmosphere for those around them.

Your environment can be greatly influenced by whether you feel grateful or discontented.

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