Inamori Library

Floor Directory

1F General Information

This floor includes exhibits of Inamori's personal history, a summary of the companies he has managed, his philosophy, and his philanthropic activities.

2F Technology and Management

This floor uses personal mementos and other exhibits to explain the management methods employed by Inamori during his involvement with Kyocera, KDDI, and Japan Airlines (JAL) -- the companies he has been most deeply linked with.

3F Philosophy

This floor displays the most representative principles of Inamori's philosophy of life and management.

4F Social Activities

This floor focuses mainly on the Kyoto Prize created by the Inamori Foundation, and Seiwajyuku -- a private management school for which Inamori served voluntarily as principal.

5F Founder Kazuo Inamori's Office (Recreated)

This floor includes a re-creation of the room where Inamori worked following the completion of the current Kyocera headquarters.