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Seiwajyuku (Management School)

Seiwajyuku (Management School)

A Message from Inamori about Closing of Seiwajyuku (from 2019 Seiwajyuku World Convention)

Seiwajyuku, which was born in Kyoto and expanded all over the world, will be closing its doors in December of this year (2019). That being said, there is no change to your mission as business owners: to continue learning the philosophy, share that philosophy with your employees, and contribute to the happiness of others by guiding your company towards sound development.

In fact, this is not an end, but rather a new beginning for all of you. Up until now, I have been speaking to you as Jyukucho (Principal). Going forward, you must be the ones to answer your own questions. You must deepen what you’ve learned here at Seiwajyuku and put it into practice.

And just as I did, I would like everyone to expand your deeds to include the people around you, such as your employees and their family members. I believe that the flame that Seiwajyuku ignited within you will certainly not fade, but has the strength to be passed down by you and light up every corner of the world.


I was only able to continue Seiwajyuku’s activities this long because you, Seiwajyuku members, earnestly listened to my words, and I was sustained by none other than your pure desire for answers on how to be better business owners.

I believe that I was able to assist indirectly in making people happy, including the employees of Seiwajyuku members’ companies and family members I did not have the honor of meeting directly. In other words, I believe all of you provided me with this grand opportunity to give back. And for this, I would like to express my most heartfelt gratitude.

Thank you very much.

Seiwajyuku Members’ Voices

Thanks to Dr. Inamori’s philosophy clearly expressing the importance of elevating our mind and expanding our business, I was able to establish my own identity as a business owner. I have also realized the importance of the way of communication, and every day I challenge myself to put into practice what I’ve learned by emulating Dr. Inamori’s manner of speech and writing and being direct with my employees. Thank you very much.

Member at Seiwajyuku Morioka

It was such an honor to be able to hear and learn from Dr. Inamori, Jyukucho, directly. Even if it closes, that is not the end of Seiwajyuku, but a new beginning. I will spread the philosophy I was taught to those around me, including my employees and their family members. I want to devote myself to succeeding at this crucial mission.

Member at Seiwajyuku Tokyo

Jyukucho Dr. Inamori explained himself repeatedly to ensure that we would understand. It reinforced my desire to learn from the way he communicated with us directly and apply this to my own interactions with my employees.
He also taught me how to live an attractive life and the essence of management. Simply the sight of the Jyukucho passing by made us break out into smiles. Why was he able to make people smile simply by passing by? I learned that the answer lies in his way of living and the practice of the philosophy.
I want to hold on to the warmth he imparted forever, and I intend to live my life more seriously and with more conviction.

Member at Seiwajyuku Shizuoka

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Seiwajyuku (Management School)
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