Notable Moments

Kyoto Ceramic Co., Ltd. Is Founded (1959): A Business Based on Bonds of Human Minds

On April 1, 1959, the inauguration ceremony for Kyoto Ceramic Co., Ltd. was held in a modest headquarters office on the factory's second floor. Inamori chose the company's name, insisting on including the word "ceramic" due to its powerful and modern connotation, alongside the globally recognized name "Kyoto."

At the time of its founding, the company had five executive officers. The leadership consisted of eight signatories to a blood-sealed pledge and three transferees, in addition to 17 newly hired employees, for a total of 28 members.

Inamori started Kyocera with colleagues who had already shared his joys and sorrows amid a lack of capital and equipment. This made him wonder, "What should we rely on?" The answer he came up with was that the human mind was more important than any other resource. Human minds can be fickle; but on the other hand, human trust and conviction can reach a point at which there is nothing stronger, more constant, or more loyal than the human mind. Kyocera was founded on this type of bond among human minds.

On the night of the inauguration ceremony, at a modest banquet to celebrate the company's opening, Inamori passionately spoke of his grand dreams before the officers and executives. He said, "Now, let's become the best company in Haramachi. Once we're the best in Haramachi, we'll aim to be the best company in Nishinokyo. After that, we'll aim to be the best in Nakagyo Ward, then best in Kyoto, then best in Japan, and finally, of course, best in the world."

He continued to express his strong desire, saying, "We will surely become the best in Japan and the best in the world," at every possible opportunity. This intense conviction began to steer reality toward the realization of his vision.