Four Important Factors of the Philosophy

The first factor is "the regulations and agreements which constitute the company's standards." Incorporated in this factor are the rules and morals advocated within the company to reflect these management standards.

The second factor is "the attitude necessary for the company to achieve its goals and objectives." This states the specific attitude and actions necessary to achieve the high objectives set by the company.

The third factor is "create a wonderful corporate character." Just as human beings have personal character, companies also have corporate character. The way to gain trust and respect worldwide is for the company's "corporate character" to be so impressive that people say, "That is indeed a company with an admirable corporate character."

Although these factors are extremely important for the company to make further progress, there is a crucial fourth factor that underpins the other three to create the philosophy. That is the element that shows "the right way to live" and "how we should behave as human beings." It expresses the universal truth of life necessary for each of us to live in a better way.

What is most important for us is to actively practice the philosophy, derived from these four factors, in our daily work and life, rather than only retaining it as superficial knowledge. Unstinting efforts in practicing the philosophy elevate the mind and refine one's character. I am convinced that a bright future overflowing with hopes and dreams will surely open up for a group consisting of people who share this philosophy.