Amoeba Management

What is Amoeba Management?

"Amoeba Management," a concept Inamori created through his own real-world leadership experiences, involves dividing a large organization into small, autonomous groups. These smaller units, and their individual leaders, facilitate a collaborative management style throughout the company.

The Amoeba approach ensures detailed oversight and meticulous operational execution down to the very edges of the organization.

Under the Amoeba System, a company's management philosophy is entrusted to each amoeba leader. Even if these individuals have limited experience, they serve as the true managers of their small units, formulating and executing their business plans under the approval of upper management. This framework fosters new generations of leaders brimming with managerial awareness at early phases of their careers.

With these leaders at the helm, members of each amoeba set their own goals and work fervently to achieve them. The result is "Management by All," where everyone is united in pursuing goals that align with company-wide objectives.

In essence, Amoeba Management is a management system that begins with dividing an organization into small units called "amoebas." It nurtures leaders with managerial awareness while achieving what is known as "Management by All," where every employee plays a major role and voluntarily participates in managing the unit.

Words from Inamori

"At the time (of Kyocera's founding), I was entirely inexperienced in management. I constantly grappled with the question of how I should guide the company. Gradually, I began to realize that employees' 'hearts and minds' could be the crucial element in steering a business.

Human minds are fickle; yet, once united, nothing in the world is more resilient. Throughout history, countless tales have showcased the greatness the human mind can achieve. I came to believe that when leading a group, there is nothing more reliable than the human mind. In Amoeba Management, too, it is the human mind that forms the foundation."

Source: Amoeba Management (Productivity Press Publishing)

The Objectives of Amoeba Management


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