Typical Forming Process of Fine Ceramics
Photo : Injection/Casting
Injection / Casting

This is a forming method in which dried and granulated raw materials are mixed with additives to provide a degree of fluidity. The raw material is then pressure-filled into a forming die that gives it a shape close to that of the finished product.

In the injection molding process, raw materials are mixed with resin in order to provide the necessary degree of fluidity, and then injected into the molding die. The mold is then cooled to harden the binder and produce a "green" compact part (also known as an unsintered powder compact).

In the casting process, mixed raw materials are combined with solvating media and a dispersant, and then fed into an absorbent die. The materials are then dehydrated and solidified to make a compact.

Both methods are suitable for complex, three-dimensionally shaped products requiring high levels of dimensional accuracy.

Image : Injection Molding
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