What's New
  2008-12-25 KYOCERA Installs Earthquake Early Warning System in all Japan Locations
  2008-12-17 KYOCERA Donates Solar Power Generating Systems to Schools in Nepal
  2008-12-03 KYOCERA Launches “Solar Power Expo” Web Site
  2008-11-26 KYOCERA Announces Publication of CSR Report 2008
  2008-11-25 CSR Activities (Society and Environment) Website Open
  2008-11-14 KYOCERA Announces Construction of New Solar Cell Manufacturing Plant
  2008-09-11 KYOCERA Group Triples Number of OHSAS 18001 Certified Domestic Sites (News Release)
  2008-07-10 KYOCERA Invites Forty Chinese Children to Japan (News Release)
  2008-07-08 KYOCERA Donates Solar Power Generating Systems to Primary Schools in Tanzania (News Release)
  2008-05-19 KYOCERA Donates for Victims and Regions of Earthquake in China (News Release)
  2008-03-27 KYOCERA Announces Joint Project to Promote Dietary Education (News Release)
  2008-10-07 KYOCERA Sponsored Eco Golf Tour Uses “Tradable Green Certificates” (News Release)
  2008-05-13 KYOCERA Launches the 6th Environment and Safety Promotion Plan (News Release)
  2008-04-17 KYOCERA Announces the Publication of ECOLIFE NOTE: An Environmental Booklet for the Employee at Home (News Release)
  2008-03-13 Environmental Classes for School Children by Kyocera Group Employees (News Release)
  2008-01-17 KYOCERA Adopts Hybrid Vehicles as Company Cars (News Release)

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