Feature Article No.1: Contributing to the Advancement and Development of Humankind through Fine Ceramic Technology

Fine ceramics have unlimited potential as materials for a new age. Kyocera is contributing to global environmental protection and the advancement of society by expanding use of fine ceramic materials in diverse industries.
Continuously creating the new value which is demanded around the world in every field, from daily-use to advanced industrial applications Kyocera receives an award for its contribution to the asteroid exploration spacecraft, Hayabusa Pressure-resistant vessel supports ocean-bottom seismographs at a depth of 11,000 meters
Large-scale ceramic structure to achieve 10-fold performance increase in Subaru Telescope Large-diameter, high-purity ceramic ring, needed in the development of a next-generation energy source Ceramic mounting wafer is the key to raising LED performance and lowering cost
Large-diameter, high-purity ceramic ring, needed in the development of a next-generation energy source
The world has high hopes for nuclear fusion reactors. Differing entirely from nuclear fission reactors, fusion reactors promise safe and clean power supplies. Kyocera ceramic components are actively used in research of this future energy source.

Working with the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (an independent administrative agency), Kyocera has made a trial version of a large-scale insulator using the world's largest-diameter, high-purity ceramic ring. This component is needed in a neutral beam injector (NBI). The NBI is used to heat plasma and cause a fusion reaction in the International Thermonuclear Experiment Reactor (ITER). In high-voltage testing, insulation performance required by the ITER was demonstrated for the first time.

With earlier technology, manufacturing a ceramic ring to the size needed for megavolt insulation was not possible. Establishing manufacturing technology of large-bore ceramic rings for the ITER was thus a longstanding problem. Kyocera and the Japan Atomic Energy Agency undertook joint development of a large-scale ceramic ring shaping method, and succeeded in its completion. This has contributed greatly to the advancement of ITER/NBI development. There are also high expectations for ripple effects of the technology in the semiconductor industry, and theoretical fields such as particle physics and other areas.
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